Iterative thinking, teaching and learning in SL

One of my favorite SL friends, Terry Beaubois has been interviewed about his use of  SL by Heather Livingston from the AIArchitect.


Terry is a RL architect and has been teaching especially, but not exclusively architectural students in-world for four years now, so the interview quite naturally focuses on architecture, but I do think the interview is worth reading even if you don’t teach architecture.  Terry elaborates on the following questions:

  1. Why did you begin teaching in Second Life?
  2. How does the class work?
  3. What’s the benefit of using the virtual environment of Second Life versus a 3D modeling program?
  4. What lessons from Second Life can be translated into architecture practice?
  5. How have your students responded to the experiences?
  6. What advice would you offer young architects?
  7. Final thoughts?

Terry is a wise man which truly shows from the interview. What I especially appreciate about Terry is his positive and open-minded attitude. For sure there are constraints in using SL, but Terry has an important point about SL/VW’s:

I would continue to encourage a relationship with virtual environments. We don’t have to make all the conclusions now. We don’t have to judge it based on its current level of capabilities. It’s going to get better in the future. It’s not the be-all, end-all for everything, but it’s also not to be disregarded as a contributing technology to architecture.

I agree totally, and I think this applies for any subject matter and any emerging technology :-)


Read the full interview here

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