Lublin – in-world and out …

The COMBLE meeting my colleague, Heilyn and I just attended in Poland was held in the town Lublin.  What was especially interesting for me was that I actually recognized the Old town of Lublin from my visists to this part of Lublin in SL – quite a surreal experience: “Wow, I’ve been here before :-)”

Evidently the weather RL was not as good as in-world, but I do think the resemblance still is quite easy to see …

Cracow’s Gate – RL

Cracow’s Gate – in-world

Royal Court of Justice – RL

Royal Court of Justice – in-world

Heilyn and I did find time to explore the city a bit, and I must say that it was worth visiting – despite the somewhat unfriendly weather!


4 responses to “Lublin – in-world and out …”

  1. Rafal says :

    Great pictures! :)

  2. Malene Charlotte Larsen says :

    Wow – amazing resemblance !
    Nice pictures :-)

  3. mil07frankm says :

    Isn’t it like reading a stunning book and be disappointed when you later on watch the movie ;-)
    Anyway – it looks like a nice place. I hope you enjoy your stay. Cheers!

  4. Mariis Mills says :

    Hi Franko,

    Well I know what you mean – but in this case reality actually surpassed SL – we enjoyed visting Lublin very much .. very beautiful Old Town and nice people :-)

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