Relay for Life

With virtual worlds new opportunities arise, and I think that one of the more exiting ways of using virtual worlds is fundraising. No doubt you reach a different audience through virtual worlds. This weekend Relay for Life is hosting a big fundraiser spread out on 35 Heroes Islands.

A similar event in 2007 helped to raise over US $115,000 in total. It’s possible to monitior this years donations from the RFLofSL event site.

Last night I attended a live concert with Tony Uriza, who apparently lost his mother to cancer, and there was an atmosphere of hope and fight for survival with many avatars holding different type of RLF flags.

Of course it’s possible to donate Lindens everywhere on the islands ..

On the avenue leading to Shea Stadium there’s an exhibition by SL artist Byron Oh



Some of the events have also been broadcasted via

One of the activities is a scavenger/cancer education hunt, and I found one of these inside the Trojan Horse on Heroes19.

Unfortunately I kept loosing my wig, when climbing the rope …

On Heroes3 I got me a nice horse – it was also a place showing pictures of RL cancer survivors.

Demo horse – only to be worn once

Survivors displayed

At the end of the day, I wanted to try out a super-hero costume …

It didn’t really suit me … guess I’m not much of a hero … and now I’m struggeling to get back into (my) shape!


Gibson Island

One of the things I enjoy in a more private manner in SL is listening to live music. Yesterday I attended the launch of Gibson Island writes;

In tribute to the legendary Gibson Les Paul guitar and to Les Paul himself, the Gibson Island is in the shape of the famous guitar body and rises up from the ocean in Second Life. The “island” features humbucker mountains, full theatres, mini-theatres, and other areas resembling pick ups and other aspects of a Gibson guitar.

There was a truly impressive list of musicians playing for 12 hrs.

I especially enjoyed Forsythe and Per … totally different, but equally wonderful!

During my stay (on/off between 9 am – 3 pm) there were between 55-74 avatars, and perhaps that’s why the Island rezzed poorly .. I’m not sure, but I found it difficult to walk around exploring. I did however manage to see these attractions:

The Wurlitzer Cafe

The Acoustic stage

Rob O’guitar :-)

And naturally I had to get me a Longhorn … niiiiice ;-)

As far as I understand there will be plenty live arrangements in the future, so this for sure will be a place to return to ..