It’s a Dogs life … or is it?

Exploring the world just for fun is a favourite habit of mine – fortunately I have good in-world friends, who’ll help me out in doing so ..

Chimera encouraged me to visit her new place at Jokaydia .. little did I know that she would turn up as a dog!

Chimera barking at a giant cat … didn’t seem to have any impact though … Cats just are Cool!

We went on exploring the many islands – and I have to say that Jo Kay aka Jokay Wollongong‘s experience in building really shows … what a pleasure finally to be on islands build for avatars!

We also managed to have fun trying to take pictures while swinging :-)


Anyway, the Jokaydia community really looks like an intereting educational place and I definately need to visit some more …


I lost a Giant …

Sometimes you have the great fortune of standing on the shoulders of giants … and sometimes it ends abruptly. Monday October 20th I lost a boss, colleague, and mentor to cancer: Bo Fibiger.

Bo was one of the founders of MIL, and I know others will point out his importance within the field of ICT and Learning, Media Science and Politics. To me Bo was all that and then some ..

When I had to do my first academic conference presentation, I did it with Bo. I was so nervous, but Bo reassured me, and it went fine. It was in Paris, and Bo had brought his sweet wife, Helle along .. we had some great evenings and my official entrance into Academia became a treasured memory.

The primary case I’m using in my PhD was originally designed by Bo together with Birgitte Holm Sørensen, and I would have loved for him to see the result .. being the great online facilitator he was, he would certainly have appreciated the possibilities and challenges of SL.

I realize my loss cannot possibly measure up to that of Bo’s wife, daughters, sons-in-law, grandchildren and friends … and in moments of clarity I chose to feel privileged just to have had the chance of being in his company. I’ll do my very best to meet Bo’s high standards …



What is REAL?

My very, very special friend Coughran Mayo gave me this quote yesterday, and I think it needs no further explanation:

“What is REAL?” asked the Rabbit one day, when they were lying side by side near the nursery fender, before Nana came to tidy the room. “Does it mean having things that buzz inside you and a stick-out handle?”

“Real isn’t how you are made,” said the Skin Horse. “It’s a thing that happens to you. When a child loves you for a long, long time, not just to play with, but REALLY loves you, then you become Real.”

“Does it hurt?” asked the Rabbit.

“Sometimes,” said the Skin Horse, for he was always truthful. “When you are Real you don’t mind being hurt.”

“Does it happen all at once, like being wound up,” he asked, “or bit by bit?”

“It doesn’t happen all at once,” said the Skin Horse. “You become. It takes a long time. That’s why it doesn’t happen often to people who break easily, or have sharp edges, or who have to be carefully kept. Generally, by the time you are Real, most of your hair has been loved off, and your eyes drop out and you get loose in the joints and very shabby. But these things don’t matter at all, because once you are Real you can’t be ugly, except to people who don’t understand.”

Source: Margery Williams & William Nicholson “The Velveteen Rabbit”

Just made me want to cry .. for REAL!