It’s a Dogs life … or is it?

Exploring the world just for fun is a favourite habit of mine – fortunately I have good in-world friends, who’ll help me out in doing so ..

Chimera encouraged me to visit her new place at Jokaydia .. little did I know that she would turn up as a dog!

Chimera barking at a giant cat … didn’t seem to have any impact though … Cats just are Cool!

We went on exploring the many islands – and I have to say that Jo Kay aka Jokay Wollongong‘s experience in building really shows … what a pleasure finally to be on islands build for avatars!

We also managed to have fun trying to take pictures while swinging :-)


Anyway, the Jokaydia community really looks like an intereting educational place and I definately need to visit some more …


One thought on “It’s a Dogs life … or is it?

  1. Liz Dorland (Chimera Cosmos) November 25, 2008 / 4:25 am

    Hi Mariis,

    How cool! I tweeted about this blog post to Jokay. Come back and visit me anytime!

    Cheers, Chimera

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