Mariis – Liking and linking #Thinglink

Whenever I run courses in SL the participants naturally always ask for interesting places to visit, and every time I start a new course I spend a lot of time creating/updating notecards. I’ve long been considering creating a wiki or the like, but must admit I never really had the energy. Through twitter I recently heard of a new tool, Thinglink that enables you to tag/put several links on photos. I’ve only been exploring it for a couple of days, but was so impressed with it that I decided to make use of it to solve my “SL place problem”, and voila my new blog:

When you hover over the pictures little rings with links will appear.

For now I’ve just posted a few places, and only in SL, but I’m hoping the blog will grow in time. I really appreciate the ability to link – something which I think will be a time saver – especially because you don’t have to log in to the blog to edit/remove links, you just need to be logged into Thinglink. Thinglink is really, really easy to use – my only problem was that WP only allows the plugin on self hosted WP-blogs, so I had to create a new place and chose Blogger after trying a few other options. Evidently, Thinglink can be used for anything and the tool has already caught the attention of educators – see for instance @AuntyTech‘s Educate with Thinglink :-) W00T!


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