Life is all about stories

… and fortunately there are some great storytellers out there – here’s an amazing video from Sound’r:

While I’m not an artist, I do believe that storytelling plays an important role in my line of work too – or as Gordon Wells puts it:

Constructing stories in the mind or storying, as it has been called is one of the most fundamental means of making meaning; as such it is an activity that pervades all aspects of learning  . . . Through the exchange of stories, teachers and students can share their understandings of a topic and bring their mental models of the world into closer alignment. In this sense, stories, and storytelling are relevant in all areas of the curriculum. (Wells.1986:194)

Tomorrow, November 2nd I’ll be starting yet another in-world course. This time around, my friend and former MIL student, Mew Aeon will join me as co-facilitator.

What’s Mew’s story?

I’m truly delighted and grateful that Mew has accepted to join me in the course. I’m sure we’ll co-create some great teaching and learning stories together with the participants :-)



Wells, G. (1986). The Meaning Makers: Children Learning Language and Using Language to Learn.Portsmouth, NH: Heinemann.

One thought on “Life is all about stories

  1. Anne-Mette November 2, 2009 / 11:58 am

    I can only agree on the importance of stories in meaning-making :) Glad that this is also acknowledged in learning theory.

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