Survey and interview on in-world teaching

Yesterday I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Esme Qunhua in-world. I think that being interviewed is always interesting since it forces you to reflect and articulate your ideas and practice – and helping each other is truly part of the SL community spirit.

Esme, aka Jane Wilde, is a member of the MAT Faculty at Marlboro College Graduate Center and a Doctoral student at University of Albany, N.Y.  Esme is doing her research on teaching and learning via SL (higher education level or in professional development) and currently she runs an in-world class entitled Teaching and Learning in Virtual Worlds.


As part of her research Esme has created a survey on teaching experience and pedagogical conceptions in SL and she is also looking for SL teachers willing to participate in interviews. So please help Esme in collecting interesting data :-)

Feel free to take the survey and/or contact Esme for an interview.


Esme will take part in the educational track at the SLCC09 doing a presentation “Tripping through SL – An Educator Tours SL for Instructional Resources” on Friday, August 14th.

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