April Blog-o-the-Month nominee :-)

During the night I received the following message from fellow SL resident, Scottmerrick Oh:

Hey Mariis, congrats on your nomination for the April Blog-o-the-Month at the ISTE Island Blogger’s Hut! There’s voting all the merry month of March there so encourage all your virtual pals to go vote! Also feel free to grab the “Nominated” graphic at Oh!VirtualLearning! (http://scottsecondlife.blogspot.com) and post it if you will, or just sit back and see how the masses vote! Cheers, and thanks for the wonderful blog!

I’ve absolutely no idea who nominated my blog, but I think it’s a honor to be nominated by peers, and whoever it is; TY – at this point in time this kind of appreciation was really welcome :-)

You can check out April month’s other nominees at Scott’s blog – and if you wish to participate in the vote follow this link to The Blogger’s Hut on ISTE Island.



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