Designing an alternate class room

Since I’ve decided to have 4 sessions where we’ll discuss didactic design issues I need a place for this activity. The office that MIL rents on the ground at the Wonderful Denmark Island is way too small, so we have to see if we can fit into the platform, where our Holodeck is located. Luckily Dr. Asp was able to help me clear the location and he also gave me a viewer, where I can present a few slides. So for now the class room looks like this:


I’ve been touring in-world to find places with nice furniture, but instead of decorating the place myself, I think I’ll ask the students to bring their own sitting devices – some might prefer to sit on alternate “chairs” or even lay down or float while attending, and I do believe we should try to experiment with different ways of “attending class”. I’m a bit anxious about the space available – if all students turn up, we might run into a problem, but then we can move to a sandbox, where I quickly can rezz the viewer.

I’ll take some pictures from the first session to show how the place ended design vice …


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