Building Class with Asp & Ballinger

On Tuesday November 18th we had the first building class of the MIL course. Dr. Asp and Heidi Ballinger were the guest teachers, since I don’t know much about building. We first met in MILs Holodeck just to check sound (tedious that you always have to do that, just to be sure it works!) and then we moved on to the sandbox Dr. Asp had set up for the course. I have of course been talking to Asp and Ballinger about the MIL course, the students and why I would like to incorporate a building class in the course. Even though the students will not learn to build complex things, I’m confident that it will give them a unique insight into the process and for sure a greater appreciation for all the things you see and experience in-world.

Pre-meeting in MILs holodeck

8 students attended and the 2 hrs passed quickly. I decided to enter the student role and do the assignments Asp and Ballinger had planned, but I have to admit that I do not see myself as a future in-world builder .. . I simply do not have the patience! But the students seemed to appreciate the class and even though most of them thought it was quite difficult and time consuming, they all found it to be a valuable learning experience. One of the students pointed out that it had been especially interesting to see and experience that it is actually possible to learn something technical via SL.

The first class was deliberately designed so that the students would learn the most basic stuff in building, and it was really good that both teachers had the time to pay attention to each individual. One student arrived about one hour into the class, but he had technical problems and never really got integrated. After the class Dr. Asp, Heidi and I decided that the 2 next classes will be for those who attended only. The argument for this is to be able to progress – and with limited time, it would be inappropriate to spend it repeating stuff already learned by the majority – not least since all activities are voluntary.

Changing texture – luckily the arms don’t get tired!

Dr. Asp commented on the class on his blog (in Danish), and one of the realizations that he came to, was that builders in-world truly need to possess a lot of knowledge and he himself who has been building for more than 2 years now still learns new things, so of course you cannot become a skilled builder in the course of 3 sessions. The students realize that, but as one of them states; It’s great that other people are willing to spend so much time on building things the rest of us can benefit from ..

I could not agree more – so here is a big, big TY to all the amazing in-world builders:-)


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