Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences designed in SL

Yesterday, I discovered the Koru island, where Zotarah Shepherd has created an area dedicated to showing Howard Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences.

Examples – Spatial, Mathematical and Musical Intelligences

It’s the first time I’ve seen learning theoretical concepts so explicitly build in SL, and I think this could lead to some interesting discussions on both Gardner’s theory and educational design – so I’m quite excited about this!

Intra-personal Intelligence; Hmmm .. who am I? No really !?

I sent an IM to Zotarah asking if she would be interested in giving a tour to the NoEL group, and she answered almost immediately that she would be pleased. So now we just have to find the right time (a bit tricky, since Zotarah is located in SF) to meet ..

More on this will follow asap :-)


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