Presenting “Learning Theory” in Wisdomap

On Monday September 1st my dear colleague Jørgen Lerche Nielsen (RUC) and I will officially start our 4 week course on “Learning Theory” at the Masterprogramme in Ict and Learning (MIL).

At an upcoming f2f seminar in mid Septeber we have roughly 1 hour to introduce the field of learning theories! Fortunately we have the following weeks to elaborate and clarify questions in the students online discussions, and learning theory will be a recurring topic for the students to adress throughout the education.

At the seminar we usually present via ppt, but this year we’re trying to do things a bit different by using Wisdomap. I have started to fill out the wisdomap for the course;

What I really appreciate about wisdomap is that we can collect all course ressources in one place:

  • mind-map
  • text
  • videos
  • images
  • files
  • links

As far as I can tell the four guys behind Wisdomap released the tool in July – and they are still working on improving it. Even though I’m quite enthusiastic about wisdomap as it is, some of the features I – especially as an educator – would like to see in the future include:

  1. the possibility to insert a ppt in the text-box (should open in the box)
  2. the possibility to edit text and insert links (also in the nodes)
  3. the possibility to upload other videos than YouTube
  4. the possibility to use Danish characters like æ, ø and å
  5. the possibility to choose/change the colour of the nodes

It’ll be quite interesting to hear what our students think of this way of presenting and collecting ressources ..


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