SL in the COMBLE project

As part of the COMBLE project the Danish team is responsible for developing, implementing and testing a course that should help future trainers in blended learning. We recently had a meeting in Aalborg with our Polish partner and decided that in the pilot course there will not be sufficient resources for the participants to meet f2f, so we will combine activities in a traditional learning platform (Moodle) with activities in SL.

As it turns out our Polish partner already has an island, which we can use unless Aalborg University decides to buy land before the course is supposed to be tested (spring ’09). Today I went visiting their island, Second UMCS (University Marii Curi-Sklodowsiej):

The arrival area

The Cinema

The Exhibition

The Sandbox

Intimate Classroom

The entrance to the Old Lublin

As you can see there are plenty of possibilities to both meet and explore!

Next step in the COMBLE project will be for all application partners to meet in-world – usually we use Skype and several Google apps, but none of them really gives the same sense of being there together ..


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