SLCC’08 – SL friends and family IRL

Back from SLCC’08 I’ve been reflecting on how to summarize the event. It’s not an easy task – especially not in a second language. It was such a unique event, and I think my best way of describing it would be to compare it with a family reunion. One of my first sentiments, when coming into Second Life, was amazement over the helpfulness and heartworm of all residents I’ve meet. This truly permeated into real life. I’ve meet sooo many wonderful, interesting, funny, cleaver and competent people – it’s almost impossible mentioning them all, but I’m sure most of them will appear in future posts.

I do wish to make one exception though. I’m not a fan of flying and the trip from Tampa to Washington was not a very pleasant one. As it turned out I was sitting next to a beautiful young couple who also attended the convention, Funka Dagger and his wife whose name I unfortunately don’t remember. We had not meet in Tampa, but started talking on the plane. The descent was really unpleasant, I was so scared and suddenly Funka’s wife suggested that he should hold my hand to reassure me, and so he did :-)

I thought this was such a beautiful gesture and it – at least to me – shows what the SL community is all about.

Many of us had been asked by people unfamiliar to SL, why avatars have to meet IRL. Probably one of the best answers is because we can! And because behind most avatars are real people in flesh and blood, people who are devoted to exploring all dimensions be it in real or second life.

Also have a look at my new friend, ArminasX Saiman’s post on SLCC – he has been able to put into words what I cannot…