Experiments with Classroom settings

Due to technical difficulties on Wednesday, I decided to postpone our 2nd in-world Didactic Design Discussion to Sunday.  My co-facilitator, Mew is in charge of the 3rd discussion set for Monday, and since we’re both using the Zebra presenter and he has already set up our teaching and learning area for this, I decided to experiment with an alternative classroom setting up in the air over our sandbox.

Now, who would want to go to class RL or “in” a conventional web-conferencing system, when instead you can be in a beautiful place like this??

We’ll also experiment a bit with The Opinionater on Sunday, but I’ll wait with setting up that, since it does seem to steal the attention of the participants once it has been rezzed :-)

Mew likes to build and script and he has set up an interesting display for his discussion combining a conventional presentation with … well, something else :-) I’m not sure exactly what it is, but I’m looking forward to seeing it “in action” on Monday …

Mew also has some sort of a surprise in store for us up under the roof … very exciting!

More to come on this for sure …


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