My first SL screencast

MIL alumni, Carsten Storgaard, recently pointed my attention to Screenr – a nice little tool for creating screencasts. So yesterday, when I was preparing to talk about immersion vs. augmentation in SL as part of the next Didactic Design Discussion in the MIL course, I decided to try it.

One of the best examples of in-world immersion to me was the Tunnel of Light build by Spiral Walcher, but unfortunately that place does no longer exist. Instead I had a look at Spiral’s pics and found myself ending up at his Vision Store where I did my first attempt at in-world sceencasting:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Obviously I have a lot to learn about camera angles, movement etc. and I’m not convinced that Screenr is the best tool for in-world productions.

Nonetheless, I do recommend that you explore this beautiful place first hand – also have a look at Spiral’s Glow Show at Ball State University ll – it’s absolutely breathtaking!

Incidentally, I will be participating in a workshop on Machinima tomorrow at Roskilde University, so look out .. I may just be returning with more machinima-wanna-be-attempts in the future ;-)


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