In loving memory and gratitude

On Wednesday May 13th my beautiful mother passed away. I spent the last two months by her side almost 24/7 and even though it was extremely difficult to literally watch life fade away it also gave both of us time to prepare for her passing. During her final months my mother did not wish to see or talk to anybody but a few people, so it was a very intense and sometimes lonely process, but taking care of her and postponing everything else is one of my best decisions ever. At the end my mother was exhausted from fighting against the cancer and she was ready to leave this world – and I was ready to let her go. Fortunately she showered me with so much love throughout my life that I’ll be able to continue living without her in grateful and loving memory.

Mom and I about 40 years ago – one of my most cherished pictures.

I could not have done this without my truly amazing family, friends, colleagues and not least students who supported me throughout the process. I’m forever grateful and thank all from the bottom of my heart – especially Lars & Maj-Britt.