A visit to The Funny Farm?

Today my MIL students had their second building class skillfully facilitated by Dr. Asp and Heidi Ballinger. When we returned to the sandbox it was clear that some of the students had been practicing their building skills since last class:


As the class started I took off looking for animal avatar shapes, which one of the students had expressed an interest in. I found several places, and naturally I was too curios not to try some of the shapes I found. Unfortunately I’m having trouble getting some of the shapes off again, so for now I look like an elephant!

By the end of the class I returned to see, what they all had been up to. Ballinger was showing the students a building tool, Prim Finder, created by Anthony Hocken from Crystal Gadgets.


Ballinger was in her famous Panda look, I was the big clumsy elephant and maybe some of the students will try out new shapes … so who knows, perhaps by the end of the MIL course it will be like visiting the Funny Farm :-)


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