In the Sweet Bye and Bye

Due to a vicious flu which makes me unable to read or write for more than half an hour in a row, I’ve turned to my favorite relaxation; touring the world :-)

One of my SLCC friends, Jacque Quijote has created a wonderful 3D narrative or immersive memoir called IN THE SWEET BYE & BYE.

Quijote describes it this way:

A fusion of traditional and avant garde genres that can only be realized in the synthetic world. It is designed to be “read” in three dimensions. The narrative threads and paths are discovered in the overlap of images and texts, and in the compositions of planes and angles that form/transform as the avatar pov shifts. The narratives are on three levels – personal/family anecdote, communal lore, and allegory.

RL Quijote is, Phillip Mallory Jones , Lead Design Artist at The Aesthetics Technologies Lab, College of Fine Arts, Ohio University.

In this video Jones explains his art and research which is based on strong collaboration with several family members representing different art domains. At the end of the video Jones describes the unique process of bulding in SL.

Great place for a Sunday trip!


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