Metanomics Professor Bloomfield visits Denmark

Professor Robert Bloomfield, Beyers Sellers in-world, from Cornell University, Johnson Graduate School of Management is visting Denmark as guest of the Roskilde University research project “Sense-making strategies and the user-driven innovations of virtual worlds”.

In-world Bloomfield is the host of the highly popular weekly tv-show “Metanomics”.

The term Metanomics describes the study of economics and policy in the “metaverse” of online virtual worlds. Metanomics focus on economic issues in virtual worlds like Second Life or There. Metanomics examine how residents of these online places establish, manage and regulate their enterprises, and how academics study and educate these communities, and use these virtual worlds as research laboratories.

This Fall season will be kicked off live from Roskilde Universty on Monday September 22nd at 21:00 Danish time (noon SLT).  The show will feature the following guests:

Metanomics opens it’s second year! Live from Copenhagen at Noon on Monday, September 22, we turn the tables when Benjamin Duranske, author of Virtual Law and editor of , poses questions to Metanomics Host Robert Bloomfield about his experience producing the first year of Metanomics. We revisit the distinction between the three major subfields of virtual world economies — immersionist, augmentationist, and experimentalist — as we examine the inner workings of the weekly multi-world virtual event. Sisse Siggaard Jensen will be “On the Spot” of Roskilde University to talk about her virtual worlds research project and the many organizations collaborating to bring virtual worlds to life in Denmark. And Robert Bloomfield will close out the show with commentary about this week’s dramatic financial events and their relationship to the metaverse.

Check out Heidi Ballinger‘s post on Bloomfield’s visit, and have a look at Metanomics’ homepage – there is more than 40 shows archived for you to watch, and information on how to watch live shows.


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