MILs meeting spot in the air

Ok, the super-hero look didn’t work for me, so I had to change my looks .. this time with a real hero on the t-shirt ..

L. Cohen near the heart!

To change my appearance privately, I went up in the air to MILs meeting spot.

MILs airbourne meeting spot

It is a less respectful remediation compared to our office on ground, and some students find it difficult to associate this type of rough environment with the MIL education.

It is however good to have a place to meet more privately, and if you right click on the steel bars next to the ventilator the room will change since Dr. Asp build it as a holodeck.

If you fall down you’ll land right next to a beautiful old mill in the outskirts of WD1 ..

There is a reason why it’s called Wonderful Denmark :-)


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