Yes, I did leave Facebook

As of yesterday, I no longer have an account on Facebook. Some of my connections may not have seen my post about this in Facebook before the account was closed, so this is just a confirmation. I’ll return to my reasons for leaving at a later point in time …


2 responses to “Yes, I did leave Facebook”

  1. Liz Dorland=Chimera says :

    Whoa. Big move. I enjoyed seeing your facebook updates and having conversations with you there. I like twitter, but unless you use DM you can’t really have a conversation. And that means it can only be one on one. Did you decide to use Google+ for group conversations? :-)

    LD / Chimera

  2. Mariis says :

    yeah, I know – there are many reasons and some are similar to why I quit Google+ as described in my previous post. For sure I’ll miss some of the conversations on FB, but I’ve been wanting to leave for a long time, and so I finally did. I agree Twitter is not that good for conversation, but we still have SL :-)

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