Lively 3D chat .. so what?

There has been a lot of talk about Google’s latest addition, Lively. And I did actually create a room a couple of days ago ..

I created the room from the windows part of my MacBook Pro (this is exactely the argument for keeping the windows part!), but it is rather annoying that I can’t access via the Mac part..

So I guess I’ll let others analyze this new virtual environment for now. At RezED I just stumbled on an interview with Sandra Andrews (Arizona State University) made in SL by Jeremy Kemp from (San Jose State University):

In this 30-minute interview, Sandra Andrews, Education Technologist working on the Lively platform for nearly a year, outlines general features, strengths and weaknesses of Lively as a teaching and learning tool and just a few hints on what’s next.

Some of the major advantages of Lively seem to be:

  • Easy to access (link to your Google profile and log-in information, small download)
  • Privacy (as a room owner you control access)
  • Good educational gadgets (e.g. video)
  • Text chat
  • Avatars and 3D setting (limited customizing!

Sandra Andrews also points out that Lively still is an emerging technology, and it it’s dangerous to compare it too much to Second Life .

As Dusan Writer notes Lively may be more of a social networking 3D space as opposed to a 3D world. And then as Jose C. Gomez states in his review for now Lively may be just another application bugging down the Internet .. Or at least as stated above “a work in progress” ..


2 thoughts on “Lively 3D chat .. so what?

  1. Heidi Ballinger July 23, 2008 / 10:36 pm

    I agree, for now Lively only is a 3D chat, and I don’t think it can be compared to SL.

    Interesting blog you have here :) I’ll add you to my links right away.

  2. milmariis July 24, 2008 / 7:42 am

    Great seeing you here, Heidi :-)

    Yes we have to wait and see what Lively evolves into .. for now its really not that interesting ..

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