Mariis Mills in Second Life aka Marianne Riis

  • PhD Candidate (2008-2011), Aalborg University in Copenhagen, Denmark

C) Birgit H. Tanderup 2008

Birgit – a former MIL student, who attended my pilot course in SL ’07 – created this picture for me, when she learned that I got my PhD project ;-)

PhD title
Avatar-mediation and Transformation of Practice in a 3D Virtual World – Meaning, Identity, and Learning.

3D Virtual Worlds, Mediation, Remediation, Dialogic, Participation, Reflection, Didactic Design, Design Thinking, Second Life, Action Research, Grounded Theory, PBL, Transformative Learning, Blended Learning, DE.

MA, ICT and Learning, Aalborg University (2003)
BA, Home Econocmics and Human Nutrition, Suhr’s Teacher College (1999)

Mail: mil01mr@hum.aau.dk

Second Life, Reaction Grid, and JokaydiaGrid: Mariis Mills
Twitter: MariisMills


” Everyone has the right to education. (…) Education shall be directed to the full development of the human personality and to the strengthening of respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms.” The Universal Declaration of Human Rights.1948 – article 26

“Only by personal commitment to the here and now of one’s life situation, fully accepting one’s past and taking choiceful responsibility for one’s future, is the dialectic conflict necessary for learning experienced. The dawn of integrity comes with the acceptance of responsibility for the course of one’s own life. For in taking responsibility for the world, we are given back the power to change it.” David A. Kolb. 1984:230

RL avatar happy in Tampa at The SLCC’08

C) ArminasX Saiman 2008

… and in SF at The SLCC’09

C) ArminasX Saiman 2009

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  1. Birgit Tanderup says :

    nice – nice Marianne,

    good luck – I’ll have a look now and then


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